Tree On Earth is an import and export company. It aims at retail as well as wholesale. It strives to deliver quality men’s and women’s leather products to the end consumer through both web stores and physical stores. Fashionable quality Ladies plans to focus on men’s sandals and shoes. Therefore, it sells and markets throughout Europe. It plans to exhibit the products both at international fairs and in the showroom, it plans to open, and to receive orders in line with future demands and to deliver the orders to the relevant sales points. While doing this, we do not forget that no matter how much the products are considered as accessories, they are one of the important elements that complement the outfit. We believe that the right accessories will make a very important contribution to a certain look, i.e. the look of a true lady and gentleman!

Our Aim

Finding the right products is not always easy, and when you find them, they are usually quite expensive. We encounter this so often that we think the problem must be overcome! We think that we can supply these products based on the fact that people can buy stylish and above all affordable products for themselves or for someone else.

For this purpose, we realized the idea or desire to establish our own company. Our product range has been brought together in line with our expertise and the products are presented to you in our own brand and in their own boxes.

Our Vision And Mission

Although shoes are seen as an accessory, they are important details of your daily outfit. It is the most important part of a stylish outfit and complements or reveals a style. It gives a good look and confidence, adds style to you, contributes to the image. After all, it contributes to your daily life and performance. We think today’s people should pay more attention to this. . We think it is important to create more attention and awareness for this in both our business and private lives. We will do our best to make our website five by sharing inspirational and motivating content on Instagram and Facebook via social media. We look forward to inspiring you and thank you for visiting our website.

As Tree On Earth, initially we wish you a healthy life and then a stylish life.

Best regards