Sigotto Uomo


Maybe pure and strong are the best words to describe the SIGOTTO Men’s shoes collection which we add up something from our  personality,

Confortable and plain colours joined in SIGOTTO Man’s shoes collection. We only used natural materials and small details when we are creating SIGOTTO Man’s shoes collection.

As a matter of fact, We did not think about to create concept collection for Man’s. We thought that  to create something confortable, something simple and nice but also  chic for the man’s daily lives.

In SIGOTTO Men’s shoes collection we used plain leathers  and contemporary colors, such as Navy, Cognac, Jeans, Beige which is in a harmony with their soles and small details and we believe that SIGOTTO Men’s Shoes  are proper not only for city life but also proper for rural stream.

SIGOTTO is not inventing or exploring the shoe from scratch or creating something sophisticate.

We only provide our clients something pure, strong, something chic and confortable which the clients can  use our shoes, in their daily life.